Il prigioniero | Bluebeards Castle – Nationale Opera & Ballet
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Il prigioniero | Bluebeards Castle – Nationale Opera & Ballet

(Hertog Blauwbaards burcht) Onder productie van De Nederlandse Opera maakte ik de promo voor deze bijzondere combinatie van twee verschillende Opera’s:

Il prigioniero
In the aftermath of the Second World War, Dallapiccola wrote a pessimistic work in which the hope and faith of a political prisoner is also his final form of suffering. Instead of achieving the freedom he has always dreamed of, he is burned at the stake by the Inquisition. This symmetrically structured opera, based on three twelve-tone rows, is a sombre, ambiguous work with passages of profound passion and grandly lyrical beauty.

Bluebeards Castle
In Bartóks one-act opera Bluebeards Castle, the title character is in fact imprisoned within himself. Judith, his new bride, is unable to provide the freedom he sought before with so many other women. She does, however, probe ever deeper until she pierces his inner self, only to leave him completely alone. The symbolist plot is cast in a large-scale symphonic structure, whose expressive music is combined with impressionist passages and folk music elements.


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